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Frequently Asked Questions


Choosing a coach or trainer is always a challenge. Most of my clients have been introduced to me by other clients but if you have not been introduced to me these questions and answers may help you decide if you want to set up a No-Cost Consultation. 

 01  What should I hope to experience when working with a coach?

Working with a coach that is a good fit for you will help you decide what strategic plans you should have in place to grow your business and help lead a more balanced life. You will experience the benefit of having a perfect partner in your business who will help you make informed decisions that move your business forward. You will grow more consistently by helping to take out the emotion and blinders in your decision making process. Your coach will help you through accountability in your implementation and accomplishments. 



 02  Should my coach have experience in my industry? 

Although it can be of value if your coach is experienced in your industry it is more imoprtant that you coach has had successful experience living in the shoes you fill as an entrepeneur or CEO, Team Leader, Advisor Consultant or whatever other hat you wear. It is a benefit, if your coach is able to help you think both in and outside of the box you live in. It is easier to do that, if someone has experience in other industries that may offer insight outside of your specific industry. 



 03  What kind of guarantee and contract should my coach offer?

If your coach does not offer you a money back guarantee you might want to ask yourself why? To have an effective coaching relationship it does require regular interaction and accountability. However if your coach believes in the value they add to their clients they will back that up with a great guarantee. In terms of a contract I believe that a good and experienced coach doesn't need you to commit to longer than month to month program. If you aren't getting value every month why should you be locked into a program. "I Guarantee Value from my coaching or your monthly fee will be refunded" 



 04  Should I expect my coach to help me make more money?


Your coach should help you increase profits and help you leverage your dollars invested in your business. This is the reason it is so important to have a coach that has positive business experience that you can confirm. 



 05  Should my coach offer standard or cusomized programs?

Your coach should offer you a mixture of programs that are always customized specifically for your company and industry. Your coach should do a detailed client intake to discover how you will benefit from customized training and development strategies. 

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