Introduction or Referral?

February 17, 2016

In business today the best new client opportunities we can receive will come from our existing clients. The big question that many business owners don’t ask themselves is "HOW DO I CONSISTENTLY GROW THIS MARKETING SOURCE?"  The first step is to recognize why don’t clients give us more client opportunities? This extends from their beliefs and lack of understanding around how they might recognize someone they might point towards you. To make inroads into increasing referrals and Introductions we need to define both of these sources. A REFErRAL is a qualified prospect. A referral requires the existing client or Centre of influence to make a judgement call as to the qualifications of the referral to be referred. This is why most businesses do not receive many referrals in-spite of perhaps asking often for them. An INTRODUCTION is much easier to get but I find that most businesses do not utilize this vertical market approach. It is much easier for an existing client to introduce people to you if they do not have to make a judgement call on whether the person is qualified to do business with you or not. For an example of this lets use the example of a Landscape Company that does work for a client. If they ask the client to refer them to anyone they know that might use their services most often the client is not aware of any who might. If instead they asked if that client could introduce them to a few of their neighbours most would be happy to do so and know the landscaper can approach these neighbours for future and or current business opportunities with their expertise. 


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