Ritual for Reward

December 17, 2015


Successful people have many things in common at are very discoverable and have been discussed at length by 100's of guru's like jim Rhone, Stephen Covey,  Darren Hardy and even some of my friends like Richard St John, Joe Lukacs and John C. Maxwell. But one of the things that isn’t touched on often enough is the importance of rituals. That is to say the creation of success rituals that are repeated daily to root our beliefs in the centre of the daily successes that we wish to experience. Let me expand slightly. Successful people tend to create patterns of repetition that are supported by success not failure. Darren Hardy spends a lot of time on this in his series on 'Habits of High Performers". Let me try to help you today by spelling out an easy way to increase your productivity and to build a routine that will build your productivity. 

1. Morning Ritual INCLUDE  (Exercise, Meditation, Yoga, walk the dog etc) motivational materiel (Reading,Utube, Ted talks Etc.) review your purpose or statement of significance. 

2.Complete and review your daily game plan. (see comments next month on planning) 

3. Mid Day review. Take 5 minutes to review your morning and re-adjust for the afternoon.

4. End of Day Ritual, Review and Celebration. (Score you day's successes and celebrate your wins) Create a Ritual with positive mental input and relaxation that supports your successful start to the next day. 

I hope this helps you move forward with your success and if so drop me your comments. If you have any questions just ask in our contact section.  

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