Is Journaling Therapeutic?

March 14, 2016

In business we often feel alone in terms of who do we talk to if we are having doubts or anxieties over decisions we are faced with on a day to day basis. Do you ever have feelings of hostility or anxiety over critical events that take place in your business? What do you do when you feel your business partner is estranged from you or you feel anxiety over how your competitors are doing better than you? Hard to talk to staff, friends or business associates on such topics, and lets face it our spouses don't really want to or know how to help us through these emotions. This is where Journaling can be a great tool to help you release your feelings and thoughts in a safe and appropriate way that lets you review your feelings and help to rationalize the validity of them and work though how to cope with them. Remember to ask yourself key questions while or after you flow your thoughts on paper of screen. Useful questions are; "How does this really affect me?", "How does this Hurt me?", "How does this help me?", "What are my core values?", "How does what I am writing about help or hurt those core values?", "What is in my power to change about how I am feeling?", "Will it help me to hold onto these feelings?", "What activities can I implement to help to minimize these feelings?" Etc. If you have thoughts that are extremely negative please seek professional help immediately. If you would like to discuss this topic further please reach out to me and I will be in touch. 


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