Attitude is everything!

April 27, 2017


If any of you watched the masters golf tournament this month and enjoyed the fantastic sportsmanship and competitive spirit that the masters tournament and in general the game of golf enjoys. This recent 2017 Masters tournament, the play and story of the winner Sergio Garcia are great examples of attitude is everything. Sergio has played in the masters tournament 18 times before and never taken home more than $286,000. for his trouble.  This time his winnings were $1,283,530. What was the difference? Well many sports writers are attributing it to his dog travelling with him on the road. Others talk about his Fiancee. If you watched Sergio on this performance you will have noticed that he was much calmer and consistent than past outings. He never lost it or got down on himself when he made errors. I do believe that it was his attitude that was affected by his positive outlook. Now many factors may have contributed to his attitude, his dog, fiancee, playing final round with a friend? The most important part is that he could choose to be positive and keep his cool through this attitude orientation. So whats the take away here? Choose your winning attitude each and every day and each and every shot you take throughout the day! Much success,  Coach  

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