Change is Hard!

March 30, 2017


Achieving consistent change in our lives is hard. Ask your self on a scale of 1 to 10 how do you do daily at incorporating positive change regularly? How did you do? under 5?  Well don't be discouraged. Over our lifetimes we develop patterns. These patterns are often deeply rooted and comfortable for us even if they are harmful to our progress in achieving the lives we wish. 


Its important to recognize that we only change patterns when we are deeply motivated to and consciously working on those changes daily. Heres and example; If you are spending too much time putting our fires in your daily business and not progressing on your to-do list perhaps your to-do list is not important enough in your daily priorities? Small progressions are important to consistently make progress, so you need to form a daily plan for time committed to work on your list and delegate or postpone one or a few of the daily fires that seem to distract you. If you can just start by delegating 1/2 hour per day, then after a month of consistency try 1 hour and so on. You need to achieve success slowly and consistently to form new positive patterns and abandon old unproductive ones. If you have challenges in maintaining consistency then enrol the help of a coworker of Coach. 


Good luck in your efforts but remember to start now don't postpone. 


Much success, 



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