Mirroring for results.

January 27, 2017


We have all had situations when we were speaking to a client or team member and it just did not seem to go well and we are not sure why? You may have actually felt during the conversation that you were not on the same page? Or that the person you were speaking with just did not seem to be getting what you were saying? This is often the case with people who communicate in different styles. We all have different ways we like to communicate and be communicated to. There are many different tools available to measure this but all refer back to the science of "DISC". DISC is the measured language of communication and dates back thousands of years but became a relevant tool in 1928 through William Moulton Marston's work. 


Due to the limited length of this blog we will leave a more in-depth analysis of DISC for another day but focus on one key area of value. When you are experiencing a challenge in communication comprehension, try mirroring more the style of the person you are communicating with. If they don't use a lot of words? You should use fewer words and ask more questions. If they seem talkative? Then make sure to have a positive dialogue with them don't be short in your conversation. A word of caution though if they are loud and aggressive, mirror this in opposite and listen and speak softly asking for calm approach. Mirroring is an effective tool to practice in positive situations before using it in difficult ones. Some communicators actually mirror the pace of the other persons speech as a tool to achieve acceptance. 


Keep in mind that we are naturally most open to communication that comes to us in the way we like to receive it so therefore we benefit when we gauge hoe the person we are communicating with wishes to receive our message. 


For more information look to articles on DISC and communication styles. 


Much succes, 



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