LEADERSHIP-Do as I say? Do as I do?

May 30, 2016


Leadership is a topic that is continuing to grow in todays marketplace. Leadership groups and programs are becoming more common in the workplace and school environments. Why you might ask? Well if we are to grow and prosper it is apparent now that our leadership skills play a big part in both. Have you ever wondered why some people achieve more success than others? Leadership skills are usually a part of their success formula. A mentor of mine John C. Maxwell, whom is recognized as the worlds leading authority on leadership and spent his life developing the worlds leaders has always said that the first step to improved leadership skills is growth from within. We must first recognize that there is no such thing as a perfect leader. Only great leaders that are striving to grow personally every day to improve their skills. What are you doing to improve yours? Reading a book on leadership? Attending a mastermind group? Attending a training workshop? Working with a coach? Improving your skills and leading by doing will help grow your success. Focus daily on your own growth then you can help others to grow theirs. 

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