To Believe or Not to Believe?

April 27, 2016

I want to talk about belief structure for a few moments. I find that many people whom I start to work with are struggling with consistent growth and are not aware enough of how our circle of beliefs affects our consistency of output. Here is a diagram of how our belief structure works. Whats important to note is that most often we have or develop poor beliefs in areas of our life that hold us back from gaining our maximum potential. This being the case in all people in some area of their life. If we can change either or beliefs or our actions we can affect our results and rewards of life. Psychologists spend much of their time on helping you with your beliefs. Coaches spend their time helping you form strategies for developing consistent positive actions that create RESULTS. These RESULTS are perceived as REWARDS that support a positive BELIEF whether you have one or not. This is key to discovering and maintaining your momentum for growth in any area of your life.  SO don't focus on your beliefs and wether they are going to change. Focus on your daily delivered actions and the consistency by which they are delivered and support the outcomes you wish to obtain. 





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